Appex 01 – Welcome Penguins!

STA 363 - Spring 2023

Set up

Login to RStudio Pro

Step 1: Create a New Project

Click File > New Project

Step 2: Click “Version Control”

Click the third option.

Step 3: Click Git

Click the first option

Step 4: Copy my starter files

Paste this link in the top box (Repository url):

Your Turn

  • Once you log on to RStudio Pro, create a new project from version control (Git)
  • Paste in the Repository url box
  • Find the file pane (on the bottom right). Click the welcome-penguins.qmd file
  • Click the “Render” button
  • Go back to the file and change your name on top (in the yaml – we’ll talk about what this means later) and render again.
  • Then, scroll to the plot chunk, below Palmer Penguins. Instead of looking at the relationship between flipper length and bill length, plot the relationship between flipper length and bill depth. Hint, look at the full dataset at the bottom of the document for variable names, update the captions to match your new plot.
  • Render again & voila!