Appex 17 – Decision Trees

STA 363 - Spring 2023

Set up

Login to RStudio Pro

Step 1: Create a New Project

Click File > New Project

Step 2: Click “Version Control”

Click the third option.

Step 3: Click Git

Click the first option

Step 4: Copy my starter files

Paste this link in the top box (Repository url):

Part 1

Draw an example of a partition of a two-dimensional feature space that could result from recursive binary splitting with six regions. Label your figure with the regions, \(R_1, \dots, R_6\) as well as the cutpoints \(t_1, t_2, \dots\). Draw a decision tree corresponding to this partition.

Part 2

  1. How many internal nodes does this plot have? How many terminal nodes?
  2. What is the average Salary for players who have more than 6.5 years in the major leagues but less than 118 Hits? What % of the dataset fall in this category?

Part 3

Using the College data from the ISLR package, predict the number of applications received from a subset of the variables of your choice using a decision tree. (Not sure about the variables? Run ?College in the console after loading the ISLR package)